Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Little Bit of France by the Beach, Dominique'sKitchen @DominiquesKtchn


I have never been a great cook as my husband and children can attest to.  I do, however, think that I know good food when I taste it!  While my experience with French food is limited, I am always game to try new gourmet food, especially when paired with excellent wine!

I received the opportunity to try the new Euro-French restaurant, Dominique's Kitchen in Redondo Beach, with a good friend Erin Miller of Horsing Around In LA.  I jumped at the chance. I was excited to try new wines and expand my palate.  I had always been curious about escargot and if I was going to try new wines, I knew the French would know which ones to sample. 

Dominique's Kitchen is a cozy café that gives you a chance to step into France as you walk in the door.  I loved the French décor, beautiful photographs of iconic landmarks and cozy nooks  where you can have intimate conversations or make new friends with like minded neighbors. 

We had the fortunate luck of arriving on a Monday which meant Happy Hour was in full swing from 4-6PM. 
We were offered a trio of appetizers to start off with.  Black Olives, White Beans with Brie cheese and fresh rolls hot out of the oven.  I decided to try the House Special White Wine to start.  It was delicious!  It was smooth, a bit fruity and went great with my sampler.  

The house soup of Cream of Cauliflower was recommended as the next course.  I had never tried it before and found it extremely pleasing as it was full of flavor!


Now comes the moment I have been waiting for!  The escargot.  Do I dare?  Why yes, yes I did.  If millions of people around the world adore it, it is worth a shot.  I was surprised to find the snails in a light garlic/pesto sauce.  I thought for sure that I wouldn't care for it but how would I know if I don't try?  While it wasn't my favorite appetizer, it was by no means what I expected!  I actually enjoyed it!

After the escargot, we followed with another trio; French Salami with pickles, Brie with dried fruits/nuts and house made chicken liver pate with baby pickles, black olives, mache and cider vinegar. 


Each sample gave us a new layer of flavor that complimented the next.  Unsure of which to try next, we asked the Chef/Owner Dominique himself!  Without hesitation he suggested the fried kale with parmesan shavings.  I had never tasted anything like it and I will tell you I will go back again just for this!

While the appetizers were tasty, we wanted to try something with a little more substance for dinner.  After asking what the specials were, I was excited to hear that my favorite mussels were on the agenda with a side of garlic fries.  It was FABULOUS! I had to bring half home since there was no way I could finish it, even with Erin's help!


Erin ordered the grilled prime angus ribeye with green peppercorn, sautéed Russian banana fingerling potatoes and fresh asparagus.  While I couldn't eat my dinner alone, she was in the same boat, though neither of us for lack of trying.

I could end my review here but everyone wants to know the most important thing, the dessert!  Of course we had room left over for something sweet.  As I previewed the dessert menu, my eyes flew to my favorite, Mango Crème Brule.  Chocolate was a close second so we agreed to also get the Dark Chocolate Mousse and share.

Nothing, in this quaint piece of France in Redondo Beach, failed to deliver.  From the moment we walked in the door to when we waddled out, we were treated with individual attention with knowledgeable staff and superb food.  I absolutely recommend Dominique's Kitchen to anyone wishing to visit France without the airfare, try Dominique's Kitchen!  You can check out the rest of the menu here.  The excellent wine list will lure you in and the gourmet food, will keep you coming back time and time again.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  I received a dinner in return for my opinion.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Arent they the best? =) id always wanted to go to Franceso love that this restaurant is so close.

  2. Arent they the best? =) id always wanted to go to Franceso love that this restaurant is so close.

  3. Yes! I LOVED the fried Kale! The mussels and Creme Brûlée didn't hurt either! ;-)

  4. Wow sounds great! I will definitely remember this place for the next time I am in the area.

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  6. I've eaten here a few times and it instantly became a new favorite spot. The food is amazing, the ingredients are so fresh, the ambiance is great, the staff is so warm and welcoming, and the sangria is the best I've ever had! They're definitely doing something right at Dominique's!

  7. I am glad that you discovered it Sandy! We will have to make trip there soon!


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