Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 Fun Facts: Cavalia's ODYSSEO: Best Show On Four Hooves | @OdysseoLA

If you haven't heard, the Best Show On Four Legs has come to Los Angeles! Cavalia's Odysseo, is a blend of theatre, ballet, acrobatic arts and equestrian wonder! A partnership between our four-legged companions and the powerful bond they share with their two-legged partners that is a must see!

The natural movements compiled with the high-tech special effects makesfor a mind bending dream-like show. The show includes a never before attempted onstage, 80,000 gallon lake and a real life carrousel! Anyone that is horse-crazy or can appreciate the beautiful rhythms of the horse should not miss this. 67 horses are used with 11 breeds including Appaloosas, Arabians and Lusitanos.
Photo Credit: JF Leblanc

10 fun facts about the show include:

* 67 horses

* 11 different breeds including, Appaloosa's, Arabian's, Canadian's, Lusitano's, Oldenburg's, Paint's, Quarter Horses, Spanish Purebred(P.R.E.), and Warmblood's
          Photo Credits: François Bergeron
* The horses come from Canada, France, Nederlands, Portugal, Spain, and The United States.

* 43 Artists- riders, musicians, acrobats, aerialists, and dancers.
* The artists come from around the world including United States, Brazil, Canada, France, Guinea(Africa), Russia, Spain, and the
          Photo Credits: François Bergeron
* There are 350 costumes and over 100 pairs of shoes and boots for the show. Artists may have to change costumes up to 7 times!

* An artist may have no more than 90 seconds to change for their next number.

* A team of 20 artisans, including 4 cutters, 12 dressmakers, one property master, and one shoemaker worked in the Cavalia Studios to create the costumes.

* Materials used in the costumes include, linen, silk, cotton, leather, and some imitation fur. The use of natural fibers gives the clothing a sheen and falls in a way that synthetic material cannot match. 

                Photo Credit: Pascal Ratthé
* The costumes are adapted to the artists needs, especially those of the acrobats and riders, to facilitate their onstage movement while not compromising their appearance.
* The on-tour costume department consists of 1 wardrobe person and 3 dressers who launders, mends, and cares for the costumes. At times, they have to juggle 15 simultaneous wardrobe changes. They have 2 sewing machines, one shoe repair machine, and one overlock machine.
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