Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Valentines Day Gifts for Women

We have all been there. What do we get for that special Woman in your life?

Whether it is your girlfriend, wife, or your mother, it always seems to be a challenge to find that perfect gift! You want to show them that you love them but you also don't always have a lot of money to do it.

Spending a lot of money on a gift doesn't mean that you love them more so don't always jump to look at the more expensive options. We always hear that it's the thought that counts, well that couldn't be more true! Put a little less money and more soon to be memories into the gift.

My favorite Valentines Day was the first I had with my now husband. We had only been dating for 3 weeks and then Bam! That dreaded anti-singles holiday popped up! I had no expectations since we were still in the getting to know each other phase.

He called me a few days before Valentines Day asking me if I had plans. I told him that I had planned on spending the evening at home watching a movie. He then told me that that was not an option and offered to take me to dinner. I thought, there is no way that a couple days before Valentines Day we were going to get reservations! He asked me to meet me at his house and he had a surprise. A home cooked meal with candles and romantic music!

So what if you aren't a good cook? What about getting her a special dessert instead of dinner? Dip strawberries in melted chocolate, or make a variety of favorites to dip in a chocolate fondue pot. Don't forget candles and a glass of something special.

Dinner at a favorite restaurant where you have held many memories helps rekindle the love that brought the two of you together in the past.  A nice glass of wine, champagne, or your favorite spirits helps put you at ease and relax.

Flowers are always a favorite with women. You can always surprise her at work where she can show then off to all of her co-workers! All women like to show off what an awesome man they have! It's our nature.

What about repeating a favorite memory that you share with your girl? A walk on the beach? A favorite movie with special treats?  A favorite movie that she will enjoy, snuggled up with her favorite man is fun too.

Jewelry is a favorite and you really can't go wrong... However, if you are in the beginning stages of a relationship, I recommend a charm bracelet or something sentimental rather than expensive.  If you have children or pets, incorporate them into your gift to add a little extra special.

Have you taken a lot of pictures on your phone of the two of you? How about a gift of a photo album or a photo throw rug with the two of you sharing a precious moment?  There are many different inexpensive photo gifts at your local Costco or online.

For those of you men that want to make an extra special effort and have a little extra money to spend, maybe a day at the spa for her or a couples treatment might be on order.  Men seem to be afraid of spas and massages when it isn't by their spouse or girlfriend but many spas have hot tubs and relaxing couple areas.

Would you like to try something different? How about renting a boat in the harbor for a few hours or even the night?  Many marina's have boat charters that stay docked with a crew to be at your leisure and they really are not as extravagantly priced as you might think.

If you are thinking of wowing your girl even more, I recommend a getaway to anywhere.  Women are stressed with everyday life.  Getting them away for a couple days to anywhere where they don't have to watch the kids, work, do housework, or even be at home does wonders for relationships!

If you can, make the night extra special with some quiet time in your own world away from the stress of life to remember just what brought you together in the first place.  If you two love each other, the present will come from the heart and you will know what is right for you. 

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