Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!

Every year we make a point of bringing the kids to a pumpkin patch. Every year we promise ourselves that we will get great fall pictures and the kids will have a blast looking for that PERFECT pumpkin.

Well, this year we were lucky to find the time to go at all. I am taking care of my sister who was in a car accident 4 years ago while my mom flies into the worst storm in 60 years. 

We decided to go to a local pumpkin patch at Westminster Mall before my husband had to leave for work.  We had gone a couple times in the past and our kids ask about it everytime we see it off the freeway. We had about 1 hour to take pictures, find pumpkins, and of course let the kids ride on as many rides as the book of tickets we bought allowed them.

Needless to say, we were pressed for time.

The sun wasn't cooperating no matter what angle we tried and the kids were tired, cranky and wanted to go on rides instead of sitting for pictures. So while the kids had fun on the rides, the rest was a bust.  But the memories we made were...interesting. LOL

The kids ran to the tractor rides where they happily rode around in circles for a few minutes while trying to run each other over and the poor attendant!

Next on the agenda were the bouncy houses and slides followed by the helicopter ride and swings. By this time, my husband was chomping at the bit because he didn't want to be late for work and we rushed out of there.

We ended up not choosing pumpkins because the pictures took too long but we found them much cheaper at $.29/lb at Stater Bros. so it turned out okay.

While it would have been easier to forego our annual Pumpkin Patch ritual, we decided that our kids would enjoy getting outside and having a special treat of carnival rides instead of sitting at home moping.

These little memories are the ones that we hope that our kids look back upon and remember.


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