Saturday, October 13, 2012

Prehistoric Orange County! @OCParks #Dinosaurs #ClarkRegionalPark

I think at some point in all of our lives we have wanted to dig up artifacts, dinosaurs and treasures. I know I have!

Today we visited the Pre-historic OC exhibit in Buena Park where they show items that were dug up by acheo-paleo scientists.

This exhibit, which they have recently expanded, tells the history of life in Orange County, before we knew it. The stories the artifacts told, date back to the time of the Wooly Mammoth with our early ancestors and even further to a time of which whale ancestors walked on land!

We were fortunate enough to attend when the special traveling exhibit, Jurrassic-Con was there. This exhibit shows how dinosaurs were portrayed in the films of Hollywood such as Jurrasic Park and Lost World. It was fun seeing real props from the films and even seeing original artwork that made the dinosaurs come to life.


Inside the museum, we saw a variety of fossils of land and sea creatures. The largest being the Wooly Mammoth and the four legged Whale! The scene of a Sabertooth Tiger attacking an early horse was particularly interesting to the kids. The scariest part for my children was the "Velociraptor" walking around talking to the patrons.

As we walked around, we discovered volunteers cleaning real bones from protective plaster casings! On inquiry, I found out that these were volunteers from the Cooper Center of Santa Ana at Cal State Fullerton.

I could apply to be a volunteer and donate my time and fulfill my childhood dream of being a Archeo-Paleogist! :-) The volunteers work a minimum of 4 hours a week for a 6 month stretch minimum to help uncover the mysteries of Pre-historic Orange County.  

Outside there were activities for Junior Scientists to attend. The kids got to make a fossil, learn when their favorite dinosaurs roamed, the tools involved to separate the chocolate chips from a cookie, how our ancestors started fires without matches, and much more!

The area surrounding the Museum, is a beautiful park with stocked fishing lakes, hiking trails, playgrounds for the children, and covered area's for picnics and birthday parties.

Even if we don't want to give up our day jobs, this museum is a great look into the early history of our area and I recommend a visit to this beautiful park!
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