Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fishing for the kids!

This last weekend, we attended our 4th Kids Fishing Derby with Dan Hernandez at Legg Lake of Whittier Narrows Park!

If you have never heard of Dan Hernandez, let me be the first to introduce him to you!

Dan Hernandez is a professional fisherman who has his own TV show. He has made it a personal goal to get kids and their families fishing. Check out his websites for adults. and for kids.

He has sponsored a Youth Fishing Club called Dans Kids for free fishing events since 2001! He takes the kids free on saltwater and fresh water fishing adventures and shares his love of the sport.

Last weekend's event was co-sponsored by the Montebello Police and due to their hard working volunteers, over a hundred children enjoyed catching fish, eating a free lunch, and winning raffle prizes!

Our friends little girl had never been fishing before and she was SO excited when she caught her first fish!

Whether the kids are catching little blue gills or trout and even catfish, each fish holds a memory for the children.

I remember my children's first fish like it was yesterday and so do they. I hope to bring them many more fishing memories like the ones that Dan Hernandez and his non-profit organization have brought them.

If you have never brought your children fishing, you are missing out on a memory that is savored forever.  Do you remember your own parents taking you fishing as a young child? Teenager? Adult? If you haven't gone fishing yet or in a long time, get out there!

Our family loves being outdoors.  There is nothing like being out in nature to bring the family closer. :-)

The next Dan Hernandez Youth Fishing Derby is November 17th at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.  Please join us for a fun day of fishing and fun!

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